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Hello again So yeah I’ve been involved in Macquarie University’s Ancient History Revue (run by the student body of the Macquarie Ancient History Association or MAHA, I say student body because there is an older parent body) since they started running again in 2009 after over a decade on hiatus (since then to the time of writing (2013) they have been annual) and in the course of that time I’ve written a lot for them, including a number of video skits. And here are some of those video skits that have been put online, I’m even in one of them (well two (the other one I’m not posting yet because the sounds been removed) technically but in one of them it’s only for a second, you can’t see my face and I have no lines). Keep in mind while watching that these were the most amateur of amateur productions all filmed in a rush with very minimal funds (so I didn’t often get the props I wanted and the cameras weren’t always great) and sometimes the editing was rushed too, we had some crazy deadline’s and were learning how to run a revue on the fly. But I’m pretty proud of these videos (along with lots of our other work, not all of it, comedy is very hit and miss and revue’s even more so) and they were all hits during their respective shows. So without further ado I present to you:

Our Dare Iced Coffee ad parody (it’s a take off of an ad, so if you haven’t seen the ad (it was on forever in Australia) it might not be as funny) for the 2011 revue:

And this one from the 2012 show, it’s called Magna Frater which is latin for big brother and is obviously a big brother parody, having never watched big brother I was basically getting my information from other parody’s of said show and other reality tv snippets I have seen (large family, they don’t all have taste).

I’m Cicero btw, apologies for my characters last clip it was building up to a punch line but cut out beforehand, don’t know why, probably messed up my lines or they didn’t have time to edit. Filming for this was particularly rushed, Clodius’s humor was very prop orientated, indeed the script called for a chicken suit but we were rushed and had no money, shame. But despite all this I think it’s funny, I especially like how Cato turned out.

well enjoy, I may update this later.

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