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I dub this rant/series of related musings my pro-lepidus, it’s my third best pro piece……the one everyone forgets……. So……..Marcus Aemilius Lepidus the triumvir I’ve thought for quite a while now that he gets a bad rap as he’s usually portrayed as the guy who’s just thier to make up the numbers (I mean otherwise you get I diumvirate and...

Apocalypse Ham


I’m pretty sure the following summarizes an appropriate and restrained response to the prospect of Christmas and/or boxing day lunch:
Merry belated Christmas.
PS. Ham causes the apocalypse is perhaps the most accurate and certainly the funniest summation of the plot of ponyo I can think of.

Adrianople, Amalasuntha and never letting the facts get in the way of the truth.


On the 9th of August 378AD (at least according to wiki) the East Roman emperor Valens lead an army of around 20,000 (estimates range both higher and lower according to wiki) to a crushing defeat at the hands of a Gothic force, the emperor himself dying during the battle’s course or in it’s immediate aftermath at the hands of said foe, the first ever emperor to die in battle against a...

newsflash: states aren’t people


Read an article a while back that referred to states having “natural life cycles” yes all political institutions have a beginning, middle and end and I’m sure there’s an average length of time for a state to exist but then when dealing with any finite duration there is always a begining, middle and end but this talk of life cycles or natural cycles usually implies some...

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