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Hello again So yeah I’ve been involved in Macquarie University’s Ancient History Revue (run by the student body of the Macquarie Ancient History Association or MAHA, I say student body because there is an older parent body) since they started running again in 2009 after over a decade on hiatus (since then to the time of writing (2013) they have been annual) and in the course of that...

Sulla’s shadow: The proscriptions and the defining of a generation


Madame Guilotine Hi all, I’ve kinda been thinking lately about how so many that mattered in the generation of senators who replaced the initial cabal of senior statesman dominant in Roman politics upon Sulla’s death (eg. Catulus, Hortensius, Lucullus etc) regardless of faction had a Sullan defiance story. Pompey, Cicero, Caesar and Cato all had such a story. Sort of like the...

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him: Sulla, Sallust and the capture of Jugurtha


A long time ago (in my second post) I talked about/compared the various layers of historical bias in favour of the Roman political figures Marius and Sulla and at one point I mentioned how Sulla’s writing of his own memoirs (even though they haven’t survived) lead to bias in his favour as other ancient writers (whose writings have survived, at least in part) used said memoirs as a...

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