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‘The rise of Idiots’


“He [the emperor Claudius] did not, indeed, keep silent on the subject of his own stupidity but asserted in severel little speeches that he deliberately pretended to be stupid when Caligula was in power, since otherwise he would not have survived and risen to his present station. However, he did not convince people, for shortly afterwards a book appeared under the Greek title ‘The...

Istanbul not Constantinople


Edit: So yeah it seems the date I published this was the date it happened according to the Julian calender, not the Gregorian which we use, The Gregorian date of the fall is June 7th. I don’t know why modern Byzantinists don’t use the Gregorian calender or why they refuse to even mention that their using the Julian one but they do. On this day in the year 1453 AD Constantinople...

the Macquarie uni ancient history revue: The Great Farce of Rome! be there or be crucified!


Hi spam bots, sorry I haven’t posted in a while term came round and so did MAHA’s Ancient history revue: The Great Farce of Rome! and thus I’ve been really busy attending classes, guest lectures, socializing, revue… and stressing about things I haven’t even started but I thought it was high time I gave you a new post to get your spam on with- speaking of the...

Marius vs Sulla- The many layers of historical bias


Hello all, I hope my last first post wasn’t too long, confusing, repetitive or just plain bad for you, I should probably clarify what I’m aiming to do with this post, I’m not planning to compare the two men to decide who was better in anyway (at least not directly) or who would have defeated the other in battle, be it hypothetically with both at their prime or if Marius had...

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