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I don’t normally do these things (he says while typing only his……9th? post…) but this is a worthy cause that affects a lot of people I know so please sign the petition in the above link, it won’t cost you anything but it might just help save the degree’s and careers of a number of very promising Museum studies students I know. Some of you may be thinking that’s sad but that’s tough if there’s no demand for a course and it costs money than it should make way for others, I assure you as many of my peers know I am not some bleeding heart entitled arts student, Macquarie’s museum studies program is making money and there is plenty of demand, it is practically unique in Australia and internationally recognized. There are people coming all the way from New Zealand to enroll in the only undergraduate Museum studies course in Australia (in Canberra the Australian National University- Australia’s most well regarded university- is starting it’s own undergraduate museum studies program, demonstrating the increasing, not decreasing importance of the field) and is the only Museum studies course in the country to combine science and arts, The importance of these distinctions are I trust pretty self-evident.

Finally at Macquarie University, we have I am proud to say despite the ugliness of our buildings and a truly tasteless collection of modern “art” a bunch of very nice small museums that both benefit and crucially benefit by the museum studies department, museum studies students gain experience from and are very important in maintaining these museums and the community created by the program donates and increases museum awareness both on and off the campus. We don’t have much in the way of heritage in this youngest of urbanized continents so you’d think we’d learn to preserve and cherish it (well actually I wouldn’t expect that, I’m a hardened cynic, but I’m waxing indignant right now). Please sign the petition, and if you want to know more follow this link:

My thanks, Samuel.

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